About Us

Why us? Being aware how complex the environment is, connected to receiving services maybe we are the ones breaking this stereotype on a daily basis – by providing services to the customers and receiving appreciation for the work done in return!

​Our mission is to make the customer’s work easier, save time and help to make complex things simple.

Our employees are of utmost value! From the very beginning our team has been comprised by knowledgeable professionals who love their work and take care of every project entrusted. And, in turn, the company cares about harmony in the collective, working style, work ethic (How to collaborate successfully?How to treat instruments? What is the right attitude to work and the environment in which work must be done?), coveralls, hygiene standards.

It is important for us to save your time;therefore, we are suggesting the following option:

We recommend contacting us already when it is only the idea of purchasing furniture. In this way we will be able to consult you in important aspects of assembly and costs. If you contact us well ahead, we will be able to agree on a beneficial installation time for you, there by speeding up service, and saving you from living with boxes that haven’t been packed out.

It is important for us, that the Customer is satisfied with the cooperation and services and happily recommends us to others!


The folded kitchen is in a new apartment. The workers arrived on time, all the necessary tools were available. Immediately let you know what you need to buy more. The kitchen was quickly and accurately assembled and all built-in appliances were installed. Worked clean, cleaned up rubbish after work. Many thanks for the professionalism!

Rasmus T.
Jäin tööga rahule. Kõik tehti kiiresti, tõhusalt ja mõistliku hinnaga. Köök oli väikese praagiga, kuid tänu töömeeste osavusele, pole praaki nähas!

Marleen R.
Within the framework of long-term cooperation, the company proved itself as a reliable partner that can be relied on: in terms of terms, prices and quality. In our business, in the production of wooden structures and construction of residential houses, it is very important, because one satisfied customer is many future customers.

Robert V.
Могу порекомендовать ребят! Сборка мебели для офиса была организована оперативна и чятельна!Успехов в бизнесе!

Валентин П.
Вместе работаем на протяжении 4х лет. В нашем новом проекте Sun Re.public компания занимается монтажом полностью всей мебели - собирают кухни, кровати, тумбы, шкафы, столы и прочее - весь интерьер, всю мебель. При необходимости подключат бытовую технику, сантехнику и даже повесят занавески. Делают все быстро и четко! Так держать - работаем!

Sun RePublic


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Address: Tartu MNT.67/1-13B, HARJUMAA, TALLINN