Installation request

* Mostly we respond within 5 - 17 min


Average market prices

– Furniture installation is from 16%



So that we can calculate the exact price for furniture installation, you should tell us what furniture you want to be installed and what kind of result you want to see. We will study the request and contact you promptly to agree on the best solution!

You can also send us an e-mail or simply call!

We will put in our sincere efforts! Thank you. Glad we could help!

* It is important for us to save your time; therefore, we are suggesting the following option:

We recommend contacting us already when it is only the idea of purchasing furniture. In this way we will be able to consult you in important aspects of installation and costs. If you contact us well ahead, we will be able to agree on a beneficial installation time for you, thereby speeding up service, and saving you from being surrounded with unpacked boxes.


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