Furniture installation

Furniture mounting, assembly and installation - call it as you like, the result will bring delight!

Furniture installation

We assemble and install all types of furniture.

Improvement of premises

We improve apartments, houses, offices, warehouses and other facilities.

Additional installation

Kitchen assembly and installation of household appliances

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Free consultation

What we do

Our master installers at mooblikokkupanek.ee primarily specialize in all forms of furniture installation services. In order to facilitate the property improvement-related work, we also built in household appliances.

To improve your apartment, house, office, warehouse and other premises we:


BUILD IN kitchen furniture

PUT TOGETHER residential furniture

ASSEMBLE office furniture

SET UP furniture in stores

MEASURING kitchen niches

MOUNT household appliances

FASTEN warehouse components

INSTALL  decorative finish

BUILT IN household appliances

IMPROVE property

DISMANTLE furniture, built-in kitchen and other furniture